💙💙 ANGELINA 💙💙 Located in Chicago
Blue Point Siamese Snowshoe – 18 months old – our ’very rare ‘designer’ gal!
Angelina is a magnificently beautiful and extremely rare ‘designer’ cat who was surrendered due to homelessness. She is 18 months old and is the sweetest, most gentle kitty you will ever meet. Her beauty is beyond compare, but only begins to match the beauty of her loving personality. Her adorable meow sometimes sounds like a chirp and is unique like her. Angelina has a calming and healing presence about her that is difficult to put to words. In her foster home she has been getting along delightfully with other cats and dogs and seems to be always looking out for others. Angelina’s foster mom says this: “The adopter of Angelina will have won the cat lottery”.  Adoption Fee $250


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RUDY - 6 year old Seal Point Siamese Male. Location Lake Village, IN Adoption Fee $300

ELLIE aka Ellie Mae

ELLIE (aka) Ellie Mae 9 mo old Seal Point Female Adoption Fee $300