GREMLIN – 7 year old Seal Point male Siamese.  Rescued from a city shelter where he was left one cold winter night in a plastic storage bin. We know nothing of this poor boy other than he has now been vetted and neutered. This means somewhere along the way he was loved. Whether his human passed away and no one else wanted him, or he escaped from his home and was found wandering and left at the shelter, we only know he badly needs a new loving home. He was in the shelter in a cage for 5 months (through no fault of the shelter – they had no free roaming room for him). During that time, understandably was very stressed and has gotten wary of humans. He has been in a foster home now a few months and is still very wary.  Given time to calm down and trust again, we believe he will learn to trust again.

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RUDY - 6 year old Seal Point Siamese Male. Location Lake Village, IN Adoption Fee $300

ELLIE aka Ellie Mae

ELLIE (aka) Ellie Mae 9 mo old Seal Point Female Adoption Fee $300