SIMON   Stunning LILAC POINT Male  Louisville KY
This lovely 3 year old boy was a stray found wandering alone. An angel of mercy brought him into her home to feed and care for him. She cannot keep him as she has other cats and a dog and he doesn’t like them. He has no microchip and she has been unable to find his owner. He is up to date on all vaccines, has had a wellness and dental exam and has been neutered.  He has a true Siamese trait – a mild, endearing crossed eye! But he doesn’t have the typical loud voice of the Siamese; he talks gently, but he is a loud purrer! He likes to rub heads with his person – a morning ritual and stays in whatever room his foster mommy is in. He likes to explore everything. He’s very curious and very smart. He has the Siamese propensity for climbing, so he loves his cat tree.  Being fostered in Louisville, Kentucky.

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RUDY - 6 year old Seal Point Siamese Male. Location Lake Village, IN Adoption Fee $300

ELLIE aka Ellie Mae

ELLIE (aka) Ellie Mae 9 mo old Seal Point Female Adoption Fee $300